Discover the captivating world of physics through our curated collection of fine art drawings.

Each artwork showcases iconic moments in physics, preserving the genius of renowned scientists.

De Revolutionibus

Copernicus's heliocentric model revolutionized human knowledge of the universe by challenging traditional views, introducing a more accurate description of celestial motions, and setting the stage for a scientific paradigm shift.

Innumeris Fixis

A testament to Galileo's astronomy discoveries, showcasing his realization that the Milky Way is a vast collection of countless stars arranged in clusters.

Heat Radiation

The first scientific chart displaying the Planck formula for heat radiation, meticulously crafted by Heinrich Rubens and Ferdinand Kurlbaum in 1900, showcased a pivotal moment in the history of physics.

La diffraction de la lumière

Faithful reproduction of a drawing executed by Jean Fresnel to explain the interference of light coming from two nearby point apertures.

Lines of Force

Faraday envisioned the space around a charged object or a magnet as filled with lines of force, now known as Faraday lines, representing the influence or force exerted by the object.

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Last update on November 2023

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